Get a healthy chocolate fix with Ohso Probiotic Chocolate Bars

| 17 March, 2012 | 2 Comments

Chocolate is a guilty pleasure for many, but thanks to Ohso Probiotic chocolate bars, it needn’t be. In fact, these chocolate bars are actually good for you!

Made from 53% Belgian chocolate, these dairy-free chocolate bars are clinically proven to be three times more effective at delivering your daily probiotics than a yoghurt drink. They’re also only 72 calories a bar, so much more figure friendly than your average chocolate bar.

ohso probiotic chocolate

Ohso Probiotic Chocolate

What sets these chocolates apart from your average bar of Cadbury’s or Nestle is the input of probiotics. Each bar is designed to provide you with your optimum daily amount of probiotic to help support your digestive health and maintain the levels of good bacteria in your gut to help improve immunity and general health.

While probiotic yoghurts and yoghurt drinks are increasingly marketed as beneficial to your digestive health, in clinical trials the survival rate of probiotics from these products was three times lower than in the chocolate bar. So it’s official – chocolate is good for you! Or at least Ohso Probiotic chocolate is anyway.

Ohso probiotic chocolate bars are sold exclusively at Harvey Nichols Foodmarkets nationwide and online. Would you trust a chocolate bar to increase your probiotics intake?

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